Dads and Moms…If you want to see your little princess in full color 3D printed glory, you can! Just reserve your princess now.  It’s an easy and fun project. You can choose from 7 different Disney princesses included Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana. For more information, visit this article.  To start transforming your little princess into a 3D printed princess, call 407-WDW-TECH (407-939-8324) to make a reservation! It’s a limited-time experience. 

 Something very  exciting has happened and we need your help!  The Cube has been nominated by Stuff Magazine as Innovation of the Year.  The voting is open until November 1st so what’s stopping you? Please go vote for the Cube! We will keep you posted on the results. 

Bigger just got better! We have enhanced the ProJet 5000 to be faster than ever,  and its still the highest resolution 3D printer in its print class.  Who says bigger isn’t always better.. works for us!
Calling all dogs! In a recent post, we showed you Max taking his “Keep Out” tag to his first day of school.  Now, Kane has gotten his own Cubify tag! Not only did he love modeling for the camera in this photo shot, he loved walking around in the office showing off his new accessory.  Print one out for your pup! You can also print a matching tag for yourself!
Did you know that you can now create your own bracelet? Just like Cubify tags, earrings and rings, the Cubify Bracelet app allows you to customize a ready to print bracelet.  All you have to do is just drag and drop the decorations. Happy designing!
That's the goal! Venture Beat wrote a great article providing insight to the future of 3D printing. The story features Abe Reichental  speaking about his vision for 3D printing; in the consumers living room, in a retail store similar to Kinko's, and available through cloud printing.  Check out the article here because the future is closer than you think! 
The Cube isn’t just a glimpse of the future – when packed into our Nissan Cube car it makes for a great display.   We took the Cube Odyssey to Siggraph with us to showcase that it is possible to have a 3D Printer in your car and  get a lot of mileage!!! Check out the article from our friends at Graphic Speak.
Our beautiful 3D printed guitar is not only bringing music to peoples ears, its bringing inspiration! Donny Sosa showed of our guitar, playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Esri’s Survey Summit late last month.  This isn’t just an awesome looking guitar, it’s the future! Check out the video!
A little while ago, one of my coworkers was playing with the casing of his Go Pro camera that had broken during some stunt they had done. The Go Pro is a small camera with a flash drive that can easily be attached to a helmet to film a cross country biketrip or a ride down the whitewater rapid. He was looking online to try to find a replacement when he finally remembered that he works for a 3D Printing company - Duh! So he reverse engineered the casing and printed out new casings using the 3DTouch! Check out the images of the first round - pretty cool!
Here is another excellent article on the stop-animated movie ParaNorman and how they used 3D Printing to animate the character's faces.
We are having a FANtastic time at Siggraph 2012. If you are there - stop by and visit us at booths 216 and 1001.
We are showing off some really cool dolls used for the upcoming stop-animation feature "ParaNorman." They have 3D printed faces that were used to show off characters' expressions.
Check out this clip on how it was done:
This week 3D Systems showed the first ever 3D printed filter for radiation cancer therapy at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 54th annual meeting in Charlotte North Carolina.  3D Systems collaborated with Dr. Donald Collins who created a software module that works with a Patient Treatment planning system.  This software module produces a 3D Filter that when placed on a radiation treatment system minimizes the damage to healthy tissue while maximizing the effect on the tumor.  This 3D filter can also be used with a cutting edge treatment system called Proton Therapy.  For more information please contact Lee Dockstader at  
Also shown at the show was the new Vidar DosimetryProAdvantage (Red).  This is a film digitizer optimized for GAFCHROMIC® film and is used to qualify and verify the radiation treatment plan before the patient undergoes treatment.  For more information please contact Joe Barden at