Software QA Engineer (037-13)

Req Code: 
Job Location: 
Valencia, CA
Job Summary: 

The Software QA Engineer will primarily work with the software and hardware development team in testing application and embedded software. The candidate will be responsible for software Testing (QA), developing and executing Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures and Test Scripts for various types of testing such as Functional, GUI, Integration, Regression, Data Validation, User Interface, and overall system integration. He or she will be also required to manage Defect Reporting and Software Releases.

  • Assist software development team by testing application software and hardware level software/firmware that runs on embedded systems
  • Develop Test Plans, Test cases and Test Procedures and test tools
  • Manage software build and release processes and develop software installers using installer build tools
  • Required to be part of the software development team right form the commencement of development and offer design input
  • Responsible for implementing software testing methodologies to insure timely introduction of quality software
  • Develop timely and accurate software testing status reports and communicate that within the engineering team
  • Interface with engineers of various disciplines like mechanical, software, chemical, optical, etc. to understand the technology and determine root cause of problems
  • Performed regression testing on different builds and maintain the software defect tracking database

Education & Training:
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, mechanical or electrical engineering; an advanced degree is a plus


  • Minimum 2 years of experience in software development processes and testing processes
  • Experience developing and/or testing application software and embedded software that drives hardware controls is a must
  • Experience using automated testing tools
  • Experience writing test plans
  • Experience using software bug tracking tools
  • Experience using software configuration management systems

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • In-depth knowledge in modern software test methodologies, tools and languages
  • Should have a very hands-on approach to testing software and the systems
  • Ability to work with teams and is comfortable working directly with variety of engineers and managers
  • Excellent organizational and verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience using project management tools
  • Experience using Excel, and some SQL database is a must
  • Some level of familiarity with Visual C++, C#, and .NET is a plus; familiarity with CMM or CNC development or CAD/CAM a plus