Tri/Mark Corporation die casts more than 11,800 zinc parts with 3D Systems’ SLS metal printing

“We were very pleased with the parts and with the cost and time savings, and we didn’t expect to get nearly this many parts out of the RapidSteel 2.0 tooling. We think using this method to create die cast tooling will help us serve our customers better and sharpen our competitive edge.” - Travis Behara, Rapid Prototyping Engineer Tri/Mark

Need to die cast parts in a hurry with good results? Tri/Mark Hardware of New Hampton, Iowa, did just that. The company successfully die cast more than 11,800 zinc parts with RapidSteel 2.0 tools made on a 3D Systems SLS® system.

Tri/Mark calculates that using the RapidSteel 2.0 inserts rather than traditional soft tooling reduced tool production costs by about 50%. It also shortened overall tooling time by 70% — from 10 or 12 weeks to only 3 weeks.

The parts die cast in this project were lock actuators measuring approximately 10 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm. The specific zinc used in the casting process was Zamak 3.


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