Advanced Processes and Materials Help Indy Racing League Racecar

“We couldn’t have done it with anything else but DuraForm® EX Plastic. We have so many successful companies benefiting from this technology” - Jason Dickman, president of APP


Customer: Élan Motorsports Technologies (EMT), part of the Panoz group of companies, is one of the world’s leading motor sports technology companies.

Situation: EMT needed help developing a fuel manifold, a two-part assembly that would be used in the methanol fuel tank in several racecar bodies. Part complexity, a tight deadline and the harsh tank environment were among the challenges facing EMT and American Precision Prototyping (APP), a industry-leading service bureau providing fast, high-quality Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing solutions.

Solution: Behind the expertise of APP, the fuel manifold was created using the 3D Systems’ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) process with DuraForm® EX Material.

Benefits: The newly engineered fuel vent manifold, impervious to fuel and strong during performancetesting, was directly manufactured by the SLS® System and ultimately used during several races,
including the Indianapolis 500.


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