Professionals in healthcare were among the first to embrace 3D Systems’ additive manufacturing systems and services. 3D printing applications have expanded from precise dental and anatomical models, surgical guides to implantable devices, improved appliances for medicine delivery, and custom hearing aids and prosthetics. Our latest service allows the immediate upload of medical CT data to the cloud-based Bespoke Modeling service from where 3D data can be downloaded or realistic 3D prints can be immediately ordered for use with patients and referring physicians.
Our dental professional machines are helping advance the growing field of digital dentistry by providing finished dental prosthetics in metal, along with outstanding, smooth-surface wax-ups that can be conventionally cast or pressed.
3D Systems is dedicated to assisting the pioneering of healthcare solutions to advance treatments and enhance quality of life.  Our available materials are expanding too, and some of our VisiJet materials are now USP Class VI certified for approved medical applications.

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