Housings for Hearing Aid Transmitter Created Within Two-Month Window

“If companies do not take full advantage of all the opportunities that can help them during the design phase of a new product, they may well give away most of their potential market success,” says RPD-FHS professor Dr. Gideon N. Levy.,

Designing new products for the medical industry poses many challenges. For starters, there’s pressure to bring the new products to market quickly. Another challenge is making sure the products get past a
number of testing and regulatory hurdles.

These challenges were overcome by the Institute for Rapid Product Development of the FHS University of Applied Sciences (RPD-FHS) in St. Gallen, Switzerland, which recently used an SLS system from 3D Systems and several other technologies to help its client, Phonak Communications AG. The goal: to rapidly produce the molding dies Phonak needed to injection mold test parts of a plastic housing for a multimedia hearing aid transmitter.

Using an SLS system helped RPD-FHS and Phonak reap numerous benefits. First, the organizations were able to meet a very short turnaround time of only two months. Second, traditional tooling costs were
avoided. Third, the resulting injection molding tools were suitable for creating not only the required 100 test assemblies, but also 50,000 or more additional assemblies.