Fine Furniture with VisualCAM for Geomagic

Geomagic Design and VisualCAM for Geomagic are two rock solid platforms, user friendly and easy to use.

As we mention often, at MecSoft we thoroughly enjoy seeing the outstanding products our customers are able to produce using our software. It’s inspiring to see users take advantage of the capabilities the software offers and create something truly amazing. MecSoft customer Tarik Yousef is yet another one of these customers. Tarik is the owner of TY Fine Furniture, Ltd. The level of craftsmanship and artistry displayed in his creations reminds us that furniture making is a perfect blend of functionality and visual aesthetics.

Located outside Columbus, Ohio, Tarik Yousef is a self-taught master woodworker with a background in engineering and physics. Tarik uses the Professional configuration of VisualCAM for Geomagic and has had great success. When asked how our software has made his job easier, Tarik responded, “I am an engineer with years of experience working with much costlier packages. In a corporate setting I saw how good and bad these packages could be when utilized in various ways. When Geomagic Design first partnered with MecSoft, I had already been a Geomagic Design customer for many years, the integration was brilliant, smooth and user friendly.” Tarik went on to describe how the ability to take a standard design and change it on the fly is critical to his success. Tools like the knowledge bases have further improved the workflow and productivity of Tarik.

Tarik stated that his bed frames are his biggest seller and what drove the need for VisualCAM for Geomagic. Having the ability to modify his designs within CAD and instantly output CAM results has been critical in Tarik’s ability to continue producing these bed frames.