We are regularly featured in technology and mainstream media alike. Here is a sampling of recent press coverage.

Online Media

07/09/2014 Fox 46 Carolinas NASCAR Engineers Use 3D Printing
06/19/2014 Live Science Obama Gets First 3D-Printed Presidential Portrait
06/18/2014 Washington Post The acronym that can fix America’s youth unemployment problem
06/18/2014 NBC News Will.i.am to Launch 3-D Printer That Runs on Recycled Coca-Cola Bottles
06/18/2014 FoodBev magazine 3D Systems to launch 'bottle waste' 3D printer
06/18/2014 Entrepreneur Will.i.am Wants You to Buy This Eco-Friendly 3-D Printer
06/18/2014 ENGINEERING.COM Current Articles | Archives | Search 3D Systems Outlines Ambitious 2nd Half of 2014
06/18/2014 3D Printer Plans 3D Systems Believes 3D Printing Can Replace Injection Molding
06/18/2014 Geeky Gadgets Ekocycle Cube 3D Printer Uses Recycled Materials To Encourage Remaking (video)
06/18/2014 FOX News Insider Will.i.am Joins First-Ever Maker Faire to Boost Technology In America
06/17/2014 Coca Cola Journey EKOCYCLE: Transforming 3D Printing Using Recycled Plastic Bottles
06/17/2014 Engadget The Ekocycle Cube 3D-prints recycled plastic, is backed by will.i.am
06/17/2014 The Guardian Will.i.am aims to shake up 3D printing with Coca-Cola branded Ekocycle Cube
06/17/2014 3Ders 3D Systems releases first details of high-speed 3D printing assembly line for Google's Project Ara
06/16/2014 TCT magazine 3D Systems partner with Coke for latest 3D Printer
06/16/2014 Tom's Guide EKOCYCLE Cube 3D Printer Prints in Recycled Plastic Bottles
06/13/2014 FAST COMPANY A 3-D Printed Back Brace Scoliosis Patients Might Not Hate Wearing
06/13/2014 ENGINEERING.COM The ProJet 7000 Series Expands AM’s Reach with Advanced Materials and an SLA Process
06/12/2014 Will A 3D Food Printer Be Your Next Cool Kitchen Tool?
06/11/2014 DesignWorld magazine 3D Systems says its fab-grade printers as good as or more productive than injection molding