CastForm™ Patterns

Patterns created with CastForm PS material are low density (45% dense);  they are infiltrated with foundry wax to create a pattern that is easy to handle and finish. CastForm PS material patterns require few modifications to standard foundry practices and remove quickly and easily.

CastForm patterns are compatible with autoclaves, low-temperature furnaces, and vacuum plaster casting methods. 
CastForm PS material’s low ash content (<0.02%) makes it ideal for patterns for casting reactive metals such as titanium; it has also been used successfully with low melt-temperature metals such as aluminum, magnesium, and zinc.

CastForm™ Patterns allow you to quickly create complex patterns 
for commercial foundry application.

Anatomy of the CastForm Pattern Process

Patterns are created using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process and 3D Systems CastForm™ PS material. A high powered laser is used to fuse together the low density CastForm material layer by layer into a finished casting pattern. Once the process is complete, the pattern is infiltrated with wax to seal the surface.