QuickMetal™ Plaster Mold Casting

In prototype plaster mold casting, an SLA master model is replicated into silicone rubber and used as a reusable master pattern for a single-use plaster mold. Limited to low-melt alloys such as Aluminum and Zinc, this process  is used to make quick prototype parts as well as low volume production parts.

QuickMetal™ Plaster mold casting is your solution for rapid metal prototyping, low volume part production, and exposes costly errors before the expense of hard tooling.

QuickMetal plaster mold casting is the best process to simulate aluminum or zinc die cast parts in both properties and appearance.  Tooling is low cost and easily accommodates geometry modifications and design enhancements. 
Castings from the plaster mold process feature excellent surface finishes and complex geometry (including undercuts and complex coring).

Anatomy of the QuickMetal™ Plaster Mold Casting  Process

Plaster mold casting refers to a process in which low melt alloys are poured into a single-use plaster mold created from a reusable silicone rubber master pattern. (Read More)