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Many people do not understand the correct procedures for achieving the best product. At Quickparts, a formula has been developed to be the basis of our overall QP Toolbox. The QP Toolbox allows us to help you by understanding how the Right Application (fit, form and function) plus the Right Process (SLA, SLS, PJP, Cast Urethane, Low and High-Volume Injection Molding, Sheet Metal and CNC Machining) equals the Right Part.

The QP Toolbox includes many different tools to assist you in everything from avoiding the most common CAD mistakes (CAD Tips & Tricks) to designing the best parts for injection molding (Design Analysis).

Shore Scale
Compare the hardness of different materials to everyday products with this interactive tool.  You can also print out a reference guide that shows all of the Shore values and their associated products.

General Tolerance Calculator
This tool gives you the ability to calculate the effects of manufacturing tolerances on your product. Simply input the dimensions of your part and see exactly what tolerances to expect.

Basics of Injection Molding Design 
Learn the basic rules to designing parts for injection molding that will make your parts stronger and easier to manufacture.

Quickparts Machining Options
Quickly compare the features and benefits of 3 subtractive manufacturing processes and Quickparts options side-by-side.  This table will help guide you in determining the best production method for your machining application.

Injection Molding Glossary
Here you can find commonly used injection molding terms and their definitions.

Design for Manufacturing Analysis
This is a free service offered with injection molding quotes where a report is generated by a Quickparts Production Engineer who reviews the feasibility of your part for manufacturing. A sample report is located here for your review.

What Is An STL File?
Quickparts QuickQuote system accepts STL 3D CAD files to provide you with an Instant Online Quote. The QuickQuote system will also accept native CAD files to provide you with an instant online quote.

CAD Tips & Tricks
We explore the top 10 most common mistakes when designing parts for rapid prototyping.