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The basics

What is EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer?

It is the only printer in the market that prints in post-consumer waste, the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer recycles what you use, so you can remake into new, meaningful, beautiful and better things.

EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer features:

  • Exclusive printing in post-consumer waste
  • Dual color printing
  • Instant loading of cartridge. Load cartridges in a snap
  • Print straight from your mobile. Browse, share and print directly from your mobile phone
  • 200 micron resolution printing
  • Auto leveling print pad ensures high quality, consistent and reliable prints
  • 18 print modes in a consumer printer
How does EKOCYLCE Cube print in post-consumer waste?

EKOCYCLE Filament Cartridge contains 25% of posts-consumer recycled materials, using an average of 3 assorted recycled 20oz PET plastic bottles.

How many colors does the EKOCYCLE cartridge come in?

We currently offer these cartridges in 4 colors – Red, White, Black and Natural.

What is included with an EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer?

EKOCYLCE Cube comes with 2 EKOCYCLE cartridges, the Cube Print App and 25 free designs, so you can start printing straight from the box.

What color cartridges does the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer ship with?

It ships with 2 EKOCYCLE cartridges – red and natural.

Are EKOCYCLE cartridges compatible with Cube 3?

No. EKOCYCLE cartridge works only with EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer.

Is the EKOCYCLE Cube print pad compatible with Cube 3?

Yes. Both the print pads are made up of the same material. However, if you ever change the print pad then you must go through the gap and level process.

Can I recycle my EKOCYCLE cartridges?

Yes, absolutely! Each cartridge comes with an address label that you can use. You can ship us back your empty cartridges.

What is the price of the EKOCYCLE cartridge?

The price of a single cartridge is

What's the warranty?

There's a 90-day warranty for parts and labor. Contact desktopsupport@3dystems.com with for specific questions.

What's the return policy?

Once you bring a Cube into your home, we’re committed to making sure it works. We don't provide refunds on Cube printers once they're shipped, but if you encounter any issues with your printer, we are happy to repair it for free during the warranty period.

How different is EKOCYCLE Cube from Cube 3D printer?

The EKOCYCLE Cube is a special edition of 3D Systems' Cube 3D printing, with the founding principle for EKOCYCLE is designed to offer a sustainable, eco friendly printing experience. The cartridges contain 25% post consumer recycled materials. Other than this, EKOCYCLE offers the same smooth printing experience as Cube 3D printer. It offers similar build platform, print resolution and features. You can use Cube Print App to print straight from your mobile on EKOCYCLE.


I have trouble removing my print from the print pad. What should I do?

Soak in warm water longer and use edge of scraper under corner of part to pry up from print pad.

How do I install a cartridge?

When installing the cartridge or reinstalling a cartridge be sure the print nozzle is clean and use the change cartridge screen to properly warm the nozzle. Follow the on screen instructions.

The printer looks like it is printing but no filament is extruded. What steps should I follow?

Try to purge the cartridge. This screen is available in the latest firmware (V1.02 and above).


If the purge works then try building the part again.


If the purge does not work then either change the cartridge or call customer support for help on how to recover a cartridge.

There is a lot of loose extruded filament while printing.

Run the auto level and gap process. Ensure the print pad is leveled properly.


Apply Cube glue sufficiently on the print pad. There may be chances that the part came loose from the print pad.


One of the print nozzles may be knocking the built pad off from the print pad, try a different cartridge if possible.

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