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3D Touch and BFB-3000 parts and upgrades

Part # Part Name Price
401006 3D Touch Hot End
401219 3D Touch Extruder Upgrade DISCONTINUED
400591 BFB-3000 Hot End
400642 BFB-3000 Extruder Upgrade DISCONTINUED
401313 V7 print bed upgrade DISCONTINUED
401282 V7 Composite bed DISCONTINUED
400792 Single head starter kit
400691 Double head starter kit

Rapman parts and upgrades

Part # Part Name Price
401197 Upgrade 3.1 > 3.2 (single) DISCONTINUED
401230 Upgrade 3.1 > 3.2 (double) DISCONTINUED
400316 Double head upgrade 3.1 DISCONTINUED
401199 Double head upgrade 3.2 DISCONTINUED
400391 Hot end built 0.5mm
400652 Print bed
400332 V3.1 Tool kit DISCONTINUED
400805 Extruder kit DISCONTINUED
400792 Single head starter kit
400691 Double head starter kit

Replacement filament

To order replacement filament for Rapman prints or the BFB-3000 and BFB 3000 Plus, please visit villageplastics.com. Thank You!

Buy filament from Village Plastics

Upgrade documentation

Part Name Description Link
3D Touch Extruder Upgrade Installation of additional extruder Download

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