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The world of 3D printing might seem a little intimidating at first, especially the idea of creating 3D data. 3D Systems addresses that fear by providing a range of solutions that allow you to create 3D content easily, whatever your level of expertise.

3D Systems’ targeted range of scanning, design, engineering and production software solutions enable everyone, like at-home users, students, professional engineers, scientists and researchers, to quickly and accurately create 3D data and directly output to 3D printing and manufacturing.

Personal Content Creation Solutions

Sense 3D scanner from 3D SystemsThe Sense 3D scanner and 3D Systems’ range of Cubify software products make it easy, affordable and satisfying for anybody to start in the world of scanning physical objects, editing the data with easy-to-use design tools, and creating the perfect 3D-printable models. These design tools match perfectly with the productive and affordable Cube and CubePro 3D printers, designed for safe home use by kids as young as eight. Widely used by kids, families, students, teachers and people who just want to get into 3D printing, these are affordable solutions that deliver a world of learning for everyone.

Cube 3D printer and Sense 3D scanner





Professional Scanning, Design and Engineering Solutions

Geomagic Capture for scan-based design3D Systems provides the industry’s only professional range of engineering software, scanning, design and 3D printing tools that integrates easily with 3D printing and traditional manufacturing processes. To do this, we have combined our 3D scanning, CAD, design, inspection and printing software under the Geomagic Solutions group. Building on decades of expertise in 3D software development, the Geomagic products lead the market in 3D scanning software and integration with CAD solutions. The Geomagic Capture scanner delivers accurate blue-light scanning, and its included software sends scan data directly into SolidWorks or SpaceClaim. Scan data can also be processed via Geomagic Design X into CATIA, NX, Autodesk Inventor and other widely used CAD products.

Geomagic Freeform sculpting allows custom skull implant design

The Geomagic Freeform product range allows for fast, accurate organic sculpting in digital form, utilizing the Touch haptic devices for a realistic sense of touch during design. (Now also available haptic-free.) Used worldwide by sculptors, designers, medical professionals and more, the Geomagic Freeform products offer the best in freehand 3D design. That is design without limitations. Geomagic Freeform Plus delivers multiple modeling formats including NURBs, voxels, Sub-D, and surfaces, as well as tools for manufacturing, 3D printing and milling preparation direct from your design, something no other software product offers.



Geomagic design CAD tools Geomagic Design is a fast, affordable, parametric CAD design platform that connects designers and engineers with advanced CAD design tools that also support scan data input, and direct out put to 3D printing formats. With a full range of CAD design tools, you can quickly create 3D mechanical shapes, visualize 2D drawings, perform sheet metal modeilng, create perfect renderings and output using the prinatbility tools for a perfect 3D print every time. Additional plug-ins offer dynamic design analysis and simulation for every engineer's need.



3D inspection tools, Geomagic Verify and Geomagic Control, offer a choice of high-end contact and non-contact inspection, which can be quickly and easily automated. Using both the Geomagic Capture scanner along with support for every type of non-contact scanner, these products deliver accuracy and peace of mind that your products are being manufactured within tolerances every time.3D Inspection software by Geomagic

3D scanning software from Geomagic comes from the best, most experienced minds in the industry, pioneers in creating superb, accurate software for processing 3D scan data. Able to handle millions of captured points, the Geomagic Design X and Geomagic Studio products deliver the industry’s best tools for creating water-tight, perfect 3D and CAD data direct from 3D scanning, and they’re ideal for easily performing scan-based design in your CAD system.

With millions of points, and large scanned parts, come large datasets. If your typical file sharing platform struggles, take a look at TeamPlatform, a cloud-based collaboration solution that has no file size limits, allowing you to share your data regardless of the size. Upload data directly from your Geomagic software, notify your colleagues, and then they can choose to preview or download the data, including many CAD file formats, STL, and point cloud data.

With Geomagic Solutions, you have the tools at your fingertips to go from physical engineering part, into digital design and engineering, and directly out to 3D print. This critical digital thread is what allows us all to Manufacture The Future.



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