Enhance Communication

Full-Color 3D Models
Users can export 3D models for local printing or immediately order a 3D-printed model from 3D Systems. These lifelike medical models can be used for instruction or practice, and 3D Systems-printed models offer functional resistance similar to that of real bone. Surgeons can drill or saw them and expect close-to-life results. Models can also serve as visual aids for patients and consulting medical professionals.

Cost-Effective Anytime, Anywhere Access
Users can create, view and print Bespoke 3D anatomical models from any web browser or mobile device, eliminating the access and sharing costs associated with a dedicated workstation. Bespoke Modeling is a subscription service, so users only pay for the time they need; subscriptions start at only $30 per month.

State-of-the-Art Presentations
Bespoke Modeling’s cutting-edge documentation and presentation tools give doctors and medical educators the power to highlight specific, in-depth anatomical views. With a simple point and click, anyone can bookmark specific perspectives of the model, add three-dimensional smart labels or hotspots, or create a fly-through movie to highlight a specific section. Once 3D printed, physical models provide realistic demonstration and practice aids.