Save Time

Fully Automatic
Be productive instantly. Simply upload CT, MRI or ultrasound data and Bespoke Modeling does the rest, rendering the 2D scans into a 3D model in moments. The application applies color according to material or tissue density, and with one button, users can apply filters to view only the anatomy they require.

Share in Real Time
Sharing 3D models on physical media can be slow. Don’t be held back. Instead, swiftly upload DICOM data to Bespoke Modeling, and in a few moments your completed model is instantly available to you and anyone else you choose.

Explore Detailed 3D Anatomy on the Cloud
CT, MRI and ultrasound files are stored on network servers, ensuring file security, integrity, and fast ubiquitous access and sharing. Intuitive viewing controls—like rotate, adjust depth of focus, and associate markers to specific features—allow anyone to explore like never before.