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3D Printing Makes Thinkers into Doers

By Kendall Joudrie, Thinking Robot Studios.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 13:45
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A Leg that Fits: Making Natasha's 3D-Printed Prosthetic in Two Weeks

Good design is its own reward, but official recognition is certainly icing on the cake. 3D Systems is proud to share that our Bespoke design innovations for the Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton received bronze in the Social Impact category of the 2014 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) from the IDSA and Core77, while Bespoke Braces received honorable mention.

The suit is the first-ever 3D printed hybrid robotic exoskeleton, created by 3D Systems’ designers Scott Summit and Gustavo Fricke in collaboration with Ekso Bionics. Using 3D scanning to generate a personalized 3D model of patient Amanda Boxtel’s unique shape, Summit and Fricke crafted a 3D design to custom fit her while seamlessly incorporating the electronics needed to help her walk. Witness Amanda’s exoskeleton in action here.

Bespoke Braces for the hand and wrist enable the automated scanning of limbs to create custom 3D printed braces using 3D Systems’ SLS technologies. The braces can be shipped to patients within a matter of days. Andy Miller, Andrew Zukoski and Gustavo Fricke were the lead designers around the technology of this innovation.

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Monday, July 7, 2014 - 09:30
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ProJet 1200 Setup Guide

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Friday, June 13, 2014 - 14:15


Being a teenager isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get any easier for teens with medical conditions like spinal scoliosis. Defined as a lateral or rotational curvature of the spine that initially appears in children during the prepubescent ages of 8-13, spinal scoliosis currently affects nearly 7 million Americans, 90% being female.

Many treatments involve cumbersome braces that are difficult to get on and uncomfortable to wear, yet sticking to a brace-wearing regimen is critical to treatment of the condition. For Meredith, an exuberant 13-year-old scoliosis patient, the experience of spinal correction was bulky and inelegant. Her father hoped she could find a better solution, and that’s where the Bespoke team of 3D Systems stepped in with a custom solution that merged design with function.

Each Bespoke brace is fitted to each specific patient and 3D printed in porous patterns that breathe easily, reducing weight, cost and discomfort, and which allow patients to give an aesthetic to their healing. According to Meredith, her new brace “has really changed how I view myself, and how other kids see me. My good friends, who know that I have scoliosis, think my brace is cool. Everybody else doesn’t even know that I’m wearing it because the design makes it invisible even under a shirt.”

To read more about how good design is changing medical outcomes and perspectives, read the full story here

If you want to see the extraordinary benefits of the leading 3D medical technology pioneered by Medical Modeling, look no further than the many conjoined twin separations the company has supported. In each case, Medical Modeling’s 3D imaging and physical models have keyed a successful procedure by allowing surgeons a true-to-life view of the patients’ shared anatomy before the first incision is even made. Doctors can more fully prepare for the procedure, and the patients spend less time in the OR. (Left: 3D SLA physical model of conjoined twins. Click to see video.)

Simply put, Medical Modeling’s lineup of virtual surgical planning tools, tactile medical imaging, implant production services and more are revolutionizing clinical treatment.

Now as part of 3D Systems, Medical Modeling will have even more access to state-of-the-art 3D printing and modeling tools, allowing both companies to drive forward together with cutting-edge medical imaging and surgical planning.

Through our collective strengths, knowledge and visions, we hope to enable better quality medical care and improve patient outcomes throughout the world.

Welcome, Medical Modeling. We’re proud to have you aboard.

Click here to read the press release.

Click here to see the video of 3D Systems' CEO and President, Avi Reichental, speaking with Andy Christensen of Medical Modeling.


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