3D Print Prototypes or Production Parts Quickly and Easily

  • Rapid Prototyping with FabPro

    Prototyping & Production

    Print prototypes, functional assemblies and production parts with tough plastics and elastomeric materials.

  • FabPro printed jewelry part


    Create and produce custom jewelry with small, fine featured models and patterns for investment casting.

  • Dental mold created by the FabPro


    Produce surgical guides, dental models and orthodontic splints with NextDent dental materials.

Industrial Strength

This entry-level powerhouse packs industrial durability and reliability into a rugged yet compact platform, delivering professional quality day in and day out.

Start-to-Finish Simplicity

It's also simple to use – from setup, material loading and file configuration to post-processing, cleaning and maintenance. No special training or certification is required for the FabPro 1000 due to an intuitive design and easy-access print chamber. Replacing print trays and switching materials is a snap, and post-processing is seamless with an included finishing kit, and an optional light-based LC-3DPrint Box UV post-curing unit for required cleaning and curing.

About this printer

  • Produce parts in hours, not days
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Start-to-finish simplicity
  • Easy to use software
  • Simple post-processing
  • 45% faster average print speed -up to 21mm/hr!
  • 22% lower average part cost
  • Layer thickness as small as 30 microns
  • Six Sigma Repeatability -consistently print accurate parts

The following accessories are available for use with the FabPro 1000 3D printer:


    From tough engineering plastics to castable materials, the FabPro materials are designed for accuracy and quality.

  • Easy-to-Use Software

    “The good news is that 3D Sprint is one of the best examples of this kind of software that we’ve come across. Not only does it connect directly to your machine and manage all of your queue handling, it also offers a veritable armoury of tools to ensure that the part that comes out of the machine is how you want it and optimised for your process and chosen material.” - Develop3D

  • 3D Sprint FabPro 1000
  • What Can You 3D Print with Plastics?

    3D printing with plastics offers many choices for engineering grade materials, elastomers and composites. Do you need flexibility? Strength? Bio-compatibility? More?

  • Advantages of Plastic 3D Printing

    3D print with plastics to build almost anything - used for prototyping, manufacturing, anatomical models and more. Select a plastic material and 3D technology to deliver the characteristics you need.

  • On Demand Printing and Digital Manufacturing

    3D System provides professional online 3D printing and manufacturing services on demand. It is our mission to empower designers and engineers with all the tools they need to design and produce quality parts.