Rethinking Metal Part Design

3D Systems metal 3D printers produce products, components, and tools with reduced weight, increased functionalities, and simplifi ed assemblies. Save time, cost, and part weight with an integrated precision metal manufacturing solution of 3DXpert software, direct metal printer technology, certified materials, and expert application support.

DMP not only meets the needs for DMLS requirements, it exceeds them.

The ProX DMP 320 metal additive printer is a powerful, high-performing alternative to other DMLS systems. With a build volume of 275 x 275 x 420 mm (10.82 x 10.82 x 16.53 in) it is designed to reduce waste, increase production speeds, shorten set up times, deliver the best total cost of operation (TCO), and produce dense, pure metal parts. Plus, with the support of our CAD-based 3DXpert software, the ProX DMP 320 is built for 100% production reliability.

Why DMP is Better:

  • Consistent quality: Guaranteed by our precise layering system, the atmosphere control under vacuum and robust material databases for our LaserForm metal powders.
  • A better surface finish: Using patented technology, DMP produces a higher-quality out-of-bed product in less time with fewer resources.
  • Factory tested: We put our machines to test with a strong feedback loop between internal users and product development teams with experience of manufacturing 500,000+ medical, aerospace and industrial parts in-house each year.
  • Less post-processing: Achieve small-angle finishes and better surface quality using fewer supports and materials.
  • Simpler Manufacturing: Our integrated 3DXpert software solution working with CAD data streamlines your data preparation and enables  exceptional build optimization
  • Advanced support: Customers can trust the high level of experience and expertise in our Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) that support advanced application development.

What applications are ideal for DMP?

Our DMP printers allow you to create metal parts while achieving fine detail, which is why DMP is perfect for a variety of applications. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Producing complex parts that cannot be made using traditional methods
    • Conformal cooling channels and latticework
    • Enhanced fluid flow
    • Direct tool-free production of injection molding inserts and cores
    • Mass personal customization of orthopedic, dental, and other parts
    • Parts with cavities, undercuts. and draft angles
    • Reduced-weight and light-weight design
    • Research and development
    • Simplified assemblies and part consolidation
    • Small, precision parts production
    • Topology optimization while maintaining structural integrity

Which 3D Systems Printers Use the DMP (DMLS) process?

Our ProX DMP line of printers offers six outstanding solutions for you to achieve superior DMLS printing results in-house. Explore the options below to find the DMP 3D metal printer that's right for you.