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  • What Can Additive Manufacturing Do for You?

    • Elevate your university’s brand
    • Create cutting-edge research and industrial collaboration opportunities
    • Forge relationships with the business community
    • Generate opportunities to license new intellectual property and inspire start-ups
    • Foster grant and endowment opportunities
    • Enhance student recruitment and faculty retention
  • Why Choose One of Our Special Offer Metal 3D Printing Bundles?

    • Establish your market presence in metals additive manufacturing with an unmatched solution
    • Keep your lab running efficiently for three years with all-inclusive packages
    • Make your ordering process simple
    • Benefit from significant savings

Specially-Developed Metal 3D Printing Solutions for Academic and Research Institutions

3D Systems' DMP bundles for academic and research institutes make it an appealing choice for research organizations interested in metal AM. Packaging the DMP Flex 200 or DMP Flex 350 high-performance printers with software and service, all included in 3D Systems’ special academia bundle offers, create a complete and economical solution to keep your lab running efficiently for 3 years. The solution includes:

This special offer is exclusive to academic and research institutes, subject to eligibility. Other exclusions may apply.

Propel Your Research Center with 3D Systems’ Metal 3D Printing Solutions

  • Achieve Premier Part Accuracy, Surface Finish, and Quality

    When you’re researching applications for metal additive manufacturing, whether you’re working to improve air movement, fluid flow or thermal management, you’ll appreciate DMP Flex 200 and DMP Flex 350 printers’ ability to produce high density metal parts with superb surface finish, accuracy and repeatability. Furthermore, for quality and process control with DMP Flex 350, visualization and monitoring tools provide the data and analysis you need for advanced development.

  • Experiment with an Open, Customizable System

    Research is expanding across the 3D printing landscape, from product design to production, post-processing and beyond. Software is a critical component and should help your team maximize design freedom, experimentation and customization with both the printer and materials. 3DXpert® software from 3D Systems allows for unprecedented control over the entire design-to-manufacturing workflow, enabling streamlined production of high-quality, optimized parts, while boosting innovation.

  • Explore More Metals

    If your additive manufacturing research involves working with strong, dense metals such as gold, tungsten and platinum or super alloys made with nickel or cobalt, you’ll need a system that can handle an extensive variety of materials. 3D Systems has developed print parameters for a wide range of metals, such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, cobalt-chrome, copper, maraging steel alloys (availability depending on the DMP printer model). To experiment small quantities of exotic and/or expensive materials, the build volume reducers are ideal.

    With the DMP Flex 200, you are able to process spherical and non-spherical powders covering a wide range of particle sizes. Our patented and unique roller/recoater system was designed with this in mind, allowing you to achieve perfect layers from almost any powder specification and morphology. As to the DMP Flex 350, its vacuum chamber concept results in low oxygen content, enabling exceptionally strong parts of high chemical purity in materials such as titanium, tungsten or copper.

Add Value to Your Academic Innovators and Local Communities

See how other institutions are using metal additive manufacturing solutions from 3D Systems to drive their research forward.

Deliver Your Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs with DMP Technology


NoSupports enables metal powder-bed printing without support structures.

Powered by 3DXpert software, NoSupports expands the design envelope, accelerates design cycles, and unlocks new applications. 

A cross section of a 3D printed part being printed with NoSupports

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  • Need More Brain Power?

    Our Application Innovation Group (AIG) is ready to support your team with research and development projects. The AIG can also help with material selection and applying design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) principles to complete your research project on time and on budget.