Photopolymer-Based 3D Printing – Advantages and Challenges

Long-term Environmental Stability -- ‘Curing’ the Weak Spot of Photopolymer Resins

  • 3D Systems is now elevating 3D printing to new levels of performance with its Figure 4 3D printing materials. Ultra-fast print speeds, batch-run processing, isotropic strength and part quality comparable to injection molding are now combined with patent-pending material chemistry that ensure printed parts remain functional and stable for prolonged durations in any environment. 

    • Patented Material Chemistry Delivers Long-Term Mechanical Performance and Stability – Indoor and Outdoor

    The latest Figure 4 3D printing materials feature patent-pending chemistry advances that ensure long-lasting indoor stability and mechanical performance. 

    Typical photopolymer 3D printed parts feature a rapid decline in mechanical property performance immediately after printing. 

    In contrast, 3D Systems’ production-capable Figure 4 materials exhibit very similar out-of-printer tensile strength (MPa) and impact strength (J/m) even after 8 years of accelerated indoor aging tests and after 1.5 years of accelerated outdoor weather tests, per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G194 testing methods. 

  • Figure 4 Indoor Aging Stability 940 x 494
    Figure 4 Outdoor Weathering Stability

The Latest Direct Production-Capable Materials Now Available

  • Figure 4 High Temp 150C FR Black

    Halogen-free resin material with a very high HDT for all types of flame retardant applications including printed circuit board covers and housings that require UL 94 V0 test rating, under hood automotive circuit board housings, covers and harness retention components and aerospace FAR 23/25 in-cabin parts.
  • Figure 4 Tough 60C White

    Resin suitable for repeatable, high mechanical loads at elevated temperatures. Ideal for ABS-like skin-touch wearables and medical parts requiring ISO10993/5&10 biocompatibility
  • Figure 4 Tough 65C Black

    Resins suitable for repeatable, high mechanical loads at elevated temperatures. Ideal for consumer or industrial buckles, brackets, sensors, handles, clips, holders, and mounts.
  • Figure 4 Rigid Gray

    Resin ideal for all types of rigid static plastic parts including covers, panels, trim, especially parts requiring painting and plating
  • Accura AMX Rigid Black

    Production-grade stereolithography resin featuring long-term environmental stability for large-scale plastic parts with demanding mechanical performance requirements and exceptional surface finish.
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