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Turn your vision for your product into a preview of your product. Whether you want to win over customers or investors early, you need to have your product evaluated internally or externally, or you have reached the final aesthetic review stage before ramping up for production, having a tangible model with the exact look and feel of your future product can make a world of difference.

Join 3D Systems’ On Demand experts to discover the technologies and craftsmanship we offer to help customers achieve highly realistic appearance models and assemblies. Learn how integrating appearance models into your workflow can accelerate the design to manufacturing process.

Watch this expert presentation and discover how to gain confidence and buy-in with identical look and feel appearance models. 

Meet the Expert

Lloyd Murrey

Lloyd Murrey, Manager, Appearance Modeling, 3D Systems On Demand

Lloyd Murrey has been working in product design and development for 40+ years and has a passion for bringing new ideas to fruition. He developed the first remote control device to operate landscape irrigation systems in the 80's, worked with Ocean Futures and NOAA National Marine Fisheries on the reintroduction of "Free Willy Keiko" in Iceland and has developed over 50 medical training devices to teach students about medical procedures from ultrasonic guided needle insertion to suturing using life casting, laser scanning and multiple 3D Printing processes. In regards to rapid prototyping, Lloyd was a Director of Technology for 14 years (or if measured in projects, 10,000).

Lloyd thrives on learning about new processes and how things work, which is why he works with 3D Systems On Demand. One day he'll work on making four chambers of a human heart in a clear rubber and the next he could work on a child's toy or the interior parts of an airplane. 

Lloyd is not afraid to take on difficult or challenging projects. We invite you to join his webinar to think outside the box and build something new.