What If You Could:

  • Clinical validations, laparoscopy, robotic surgery, ultrasound, sonography, women’s health, arthroscopy, urology

    Use clinically validated simulators to train a wide range of medical specialties

  • Patient education, 3D printing software, surgeon education, surgical planning, anatomical models, DICOM, MRI, CT scan

    Inform patients, plan surgeries and educate with patient specific models

  • Nursing, simulation, physician assistant, osteopathic, general surgeon, women’s health, residency programs simulators

    Utilize advanced simulators to focus on patient safety

How Our Customers Did It:

ANGIO Mentor Suite at Inter-American University, Professor Sandra Suárez, Inter-American University Uses the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor Suite for Radiology Technologist Program, Endovascular, cardiovascular, vascular surgery, cardio technician program, team training, cardiovascular technologist

ANGIO Mentor Suite at Inter-American University


Not all of the Bachelor of Radiology Technologist students had clinical experience prior to graduation


An ANGIO Mentor Suite simulator was incorporated into the curriculum


The hands-on experience provided by the ANGIO Mentor makes graduates more attractive to employers

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Southend University Hospital Utilizes 3D Systems’ Simulator for Life-Saving Team Training in Acute Stroke. Stroke treatment, c-arm, standardized patient, training in a safe environment, practice instead of clinical experience.

ANGIO Mentor – Anglia Ruskin University and Southend Hospital, UK


How to quickly train interventional stroke treatment professionals to perform as a team during emergency endovascular stroke treatment


Southend University Hospital used the ANGIO Mentor simulator to practice stroke treatment steps as a team in a safe and controlled environment


The ANGIO Mentor enhanced the understanding of high-risk stroke procedures and strengthened collaboration where time constraints were presented

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Robotic Surgical Skills Program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Pathologies, prostatectomy procedure, philanthropic gift, practice prior to OR, robotic surgery, don’t tie up the OR.

RobotiX Mentor – Thomas Jefferson University


Find simulator that replicates the robotic system in the OR without being connected to the OR’s physical system and to be available 24/7


Jefferson University Simulation Center incorporated basics to advanced robotic surgical procedures on RobotiX Mentor into their residency curriculum


RobotiX Mentor allows for acquisition of robotic skills in convenient, non-sterile setting and with metrics to assess if trainees are ready for OR

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