Manufacturing & Tooling Update (formerly Tooling Times) is a monthly newsletter, covering industry issues that impact manufacturers and mold and die makers.  You can view past issues by clicking on the date of the issue you are looking for.

September 2012

  • How Does Manufacturing Technology Spell Success? IMTS 2012
  • Investing In Labor Pays Off With Productivity
  • Becoming a Master of Mold Material
  • Plan Press Maintenance to Avoid Unplanned Downtime

August 2012

  • Market Data Review: Plan Ahead - Avoid the Christmas Rush
  • Today's Manufacturing Jobs Require Certification
  • Design Change Communication Modernized
  • Take What You Know About Stamping Presses

July 2012

  • Exploring CimatronE Series
  • IMTS: Beyond Being There
  • Why Dealing with Difficult Colleagues Will Lead to Happier Customers
  • The Domino Effect of Precision Die Changes

June 2012

  • The Cost Gap and Reshoring of Chinese Manufacturing Jobs
  • Reshoring a Keynote Theme at Amerimold
  • How to Reduce EDM Setup from Hours to Minutes
  • From CAD Drawing to Workable Die Technology Keeps Improving

May 2012

  • Cities Where Manufacturing Jobs Pay Most
  • Latest Technology Delivers Manufacturing Success
  • Tool Steel and Aluminum Staying Strong
  • Driving Toward the Next Generation of Steel for the Automotive Industry

April 2012

  • I Need a Discount!
  • Turning the Brights on the Automotive Industry
  • How Do Moldmakers Get into Automation?
  • Rebuild or Retrofit That Aging Hydraulic Press?

March 2012

  • 2012 IndustryWeek Salary Survey: Welcome Back, Raises
  • Competitiveness Council Releases Initiative that Includes an Urgent Call to Action to Ignite American Manufacturing
  • Machining Outlook: Reap the Benefits of Technology Advancements Working Together
  • Data Collection Sparks Weld-Cell Performance Boost

February 2012

  • Where the Jobs Are: Higher Technology Manufacturing
  • Boeing Engineer Helps Inspire Next Generation
  • Technology Investment Sustains Moldmaker During Tough Times
  • A Look Forward to Workers Who Think Like Engineers

January 2012

  • U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders Up 80% in 2011
  • Chrysler to Add 1,100 Jobs at Detroit Plant
  • Taking Streamlining to the Next Level
  • FABTECH Leads Metalformers to the Cutting Edge

2011 Year in Review

  • Software Helps Build Large, Complex Molds
  • Software Streamlines Model-to-Mold Production
  • Six Decades of Moldmaking Success
  • CIMATRON VIDEO GALLERY: Exploring CimatronE

November 2011

  • Perfecting the Pitch
  • Where to Step Back
  • Apply Your Moldmaking Know-How to Aerospace Work
  • Illuminating Mid-Level Management

October 2011

  • Evaluate Your Process and Do it Better
  • Software Helps Build Large, Complex Molds
  • Overall Business Levels Improve
  • Stampers' Unique Perspectives Result in Innovative Designs

September 2011

  • Cut the Noise and Cut to the Chase!
  • Innovation Key to Restoring Manufacturing
  • The Mold Shop Puzzle
  • The Modern-Day Die Setter

August 2011

  • Working Out for the Bottom Line
  • Each Shop's One Big Thing
  • Six Decades of Moldmaking Success
  • Full Steam (Chest) Ahead

July 2011

  • Innovators Become Profit Makers
  • Up to Speed
  • Latest AMBA Survey Shows Mold Makers are Keeping Busy
  • Should You Automate Your Welding Operation?

June 2011

  • Industry Applauds National Attention on Manufacturing Workforce Development
  • Software Streamlines Model-to-Mold Production
  • How Toyota Buys Molds
  • A Closer Look at Industry Productivity

May 2011

  • Dreaded Weed Could Replace Rubber
  • Act Now to Take Advantage of Tax Incentives
  • Best Practices for Mold Manufacturers
  • Advanced High Strength Steels

April 2011

  • Making More by Using Less
  • Top 10 Renewable Energy Investors
  • Moldmakers Are Busy - That's the Good News
  • So You're Thinking About Medical Device Manufacturing?

March 2011

  • Fresh Winds Blowing Through Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Technology Consumption up 85% in 2010
  • Integrated CAD and NC Software Gives Moldmaker a Competitive Advantage
  • Diversification as a Primary Strategy

February 2011

  • Aerospace - Positive Predictions for 2011
  • Continuous Improvement: A Short, Simple Guide on How to Improve a Process
  • A Simple Plan for Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing
  • The Past, Present and Future of Die Design

January 2011

  • How to Turn Economic Recovery into a Jobs Recovery
  • Are Suppliers Ready for the Recovery?
  • Mold Making Focus:  The Mold Shop Puzzle:  Creating Constructive Change - Sales
  • Die Making Focus:  Turn Your Website into a Powerful Marketing Tool

2010 Year in Review

  • Competitive Technology
  • Minimizing EDM and Production Delays
  • Micro Milling Focus:  Imparting Fine Surface Finishes When Micromilling
  • Die Making Focus:  Die Shop Automates to Wrange Work Back from Overseas Competition

November 2010

  • CAM Program Helps Save Chilean Miners
  • How to Maximize Your Marketing Budget
  • Mold Making Focus:  Washington Takes a Greater Interest in Manufacturing
  • Die Making Focus:  FMA Sees Optimistic Signs for Small Manufacturing Sector

October 2010

  • Gardner Research 2011 Capital Spending & Survey Forecast
  • EPA, NHTSA Mandating 20% Emissions Cuts for Trucks
  • Mold Making Focus:  Using High-Feed Machining Strategies to Get to Net Shape
  • Die Making Focus:  Deep-Drawing and Sketching Variables - Part I

September 2010

  • Robotics Industry to Grow by $100 Billion in the Next 20 Years
  • Micromolding, where small is not only beautiful, but profitable, too.
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  What's Bothering You?
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  How Manufacturers Can Accommodate the Needs of an Aging Work Force

August 2010

  • Obama's Economic Strategy:  What Does it Mean For You?
  • How Effective is Your Safety Program?
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Adding Molding Capabilities Strengthens Moldmaking
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Safe Rigging

July 2010

  • Making the Right Connections
  • Set Up to Pull in New Customers
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Organize to Optimize Molded Component Development
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Productivity Improving Obstacles Fall Like Dominos 

June 2010

  • Job Hopes Rise on Flurry of Economic Reports
  • How to Manage Change
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Injection Molder Helps Inventor Successfully Market New Ear Protection Device
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  On the Rebound 

May 2010

  • Telling the Mainstream about Manufacturing
  • Canadian Youth Shine at Skills Canada Competition
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Doing the Math on Your Moldmaker's Value
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:   Quick Die Change - The Process

April 2010

  • U.S. Job Gain Largest in 3 Years
  • Economic Growth to Continue Throughout 2010
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Sustained Commitment to Automation Reaps Rewards
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: The Progress Of A Progressive Die Maker  

March 2010

  • A Show For Shops With Evolving Roles
  • An Economic Stimulus Package for Moldmakers
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Winter 2010 Business Forecast Survey
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Making its Mark in the Medical-Device Market

February 2010

  • An Older, Wiser, More Mature American Marketplace
  • Data Hit Hopeful Notes for Economy
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Amcor PET Bottles Push Limits
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: The Apple iPad in Manufacturing

January 2010

  • Leading the Way to Energy Independence
  • Good Vibration (Control): Small vs. Large Machines
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: U.S. Molds: The Value Advantage
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: On the Cusp of Recovery

December 2009

  • Unexpected Brightness Amid a Gray Economy
  • Shop Goes Vertical and Soars Ahead
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Aluminum Mold Expertise Offers Automotive Opportunities
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Metal Fabrication in 2010: A Wildcard Year

November 2009

  • Misperceptions, Challenges, Hope
  • Climbing Out of the Recessionary Tub
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Early Collaboration, Part Design Involvement Key to Global Growth in Packaging
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Underlying Data of Tooling RFQs

October 2009

  • A Sign Of The Times
  • Who's Ready to Buy?
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Industry Has Turned Corner
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: 10 Design Laws for Tool Designers

September 2009

  • Global Manufacturing: Myth, Reality and Strategic Options
  • United States Falls from the Top of Competitiveness Rankings
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Moldmakers Play Important Role in Successful Tool Transfers
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Die Not in the Mix for Tool Shop

August 2009

  • Canon Survey: OEM Purchasing Behaviors are Changing, Quality is Not
  • The Job Shop CRM revolution
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Consider Reaching Out to a Different Market to Survive Tough Times
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Right Sized Tooling for a Down-Sized Economy

July 2009

  • Does Offshoring Still Make Sense?
  • Integrating Lean and Green
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Moldmakers Help Lift the Rising Tide
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Designing Speed-Friendly Dies

June 2009

  • Survey: China No Longer Worth It?
  • Meeting the Minimally Invasive Challenge
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Cost of Ownership: A Lifetime of Molding Savings
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Survival Tips

May 2009

  • 10 Big Companies That Haven’t Quit on the US
  • Seven Ways to Strengthen Your Business
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: :  Conventional Tools, Unconventional Processes
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  'Greenergy' — the Next Big Thing

April 2009

  • Changes in the Engineering Profession Over the Last 80 Years
  • Auto's Opportunity
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Measuring CAD Skills Gives Greater Efficiency
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  A Devotion to Innovation

March 2009

  • 5 Signs of the Recession's End
  • Bucking the Trend
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Automation Innovations
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Why Didn’t I Think of That?

February 2009

  • Sparking Innovation
  • Finding Waste Reduction Opportunities In The Office
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  The Common Ground Between Moldmaking and Aerospace
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Keep Your Head

January 2009

  • Industry Awaiting Obama’s Stimulus Plan
  • Spending Stands Strong
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Bridging the Gap between Part and Mold Development
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  It’s the Economy, Stupid

December 2008

  • The World's Hardest-Working Countries
  • Fire Safety First
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Moldmaking Before You Entered The Field
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Stop wasting time!

November 2008

  • Sharing the Big Picture
  • What Gets You Through the Workday
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Market Snapshot: Automotive Exteriors
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Tooling Tips for High-Speed Stamping

October 2008

  • From Promise Maker to President
  • Molder's Economic Index: It's time to ease up on the fear and go green
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Software Suppliers Seek Common Platforms for Mold Development
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Green Lubes Under a Microscope

September 2008

  • Managing for Tomorrow
  • Automotive Market Hits the Global Highway
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Simplify Mold Design with Robotic Automation
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Where the Jobs Are and Aren't

August 2008

  • Grow the Business
  • The View from IMTS 2008
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  The Global PC Market is Hot This Summer & Beyond
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  (Un)memorable Fabrication

July 2008

  • Some Interesting Reasons Not To Change
  • While We Are Sleeping
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Just How is India Giving China a Run for its Money
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  We Were Too Lean

June 2008

  • Managing Change
  • The Facts About Modern Manufacturing
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Do Eight Years Matter?
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Die Maker Slashes Administrative Costs By 75 Percent

 | May 2008

  • Striving To Be Partners, Not Shops
  • Web Portals are Gateway to Increased Productivity
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Software Enhances Advancing Technologies
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  In-Die Sensing: Makes Good Sense

April 2008

  • What Your Mother Never Told You About Outsourcing to China
  • The Returns on Automation
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS:  Choosing CAD Software for 3-D Mold Design
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS:  Leaning on Press Brake Tooling

March 2008

  • Recession vs. Slowdown
  • Lean Drives Productivity Gains
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: The Final Check
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Thinking Green

    | February 2008

  • Understanding the Economy
  • Top 10 Production Cars
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Proceed with Haste Slowly: Profit-Improvement Programs
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Looking to Transfer?

| January 2008

  • 2008 Outlook
  • Integrated 3D for Design and Manufacturing
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Top Ten Challenges
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: New Equipment May Not Create a Better Product

| December 2007

  • Continued Reinvestment Pays Off
  • 5 Keys to Employee Incentive Plan
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Going Lean? Start Up Front
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Mechanical Presses: Rebuild or Buy?

| November 2007

  • Business Leadership: When Not To Stick To The Script
  • The State of Manufacturing
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: IMM's Plant Tour: Moules et Moulage Ensemble
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Banking on Office Furniture

| October 2007

  • Keeping Your Workforce Happy
  • Encouraging Disagreement
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: A Gradual Business Improvement
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: High-Speed Stamping

| September 2007

  • Internal University
  • Fire, Aim, Grow
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: The Industry Then and Now
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Stamping Aluminum

| August 2007

  • Bringing Machining Back to Kansas
  • Key Performance Benchmarks
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: High Volume Ceramic Part Production
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Boost Punch Life

| July 2007

  • A Victory and a Miss
  • Cutting Costs as Top Strategy?
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Time for New Cam Software?
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: The Cost of Cutting Cost

| June 2007

  • Entrepreneurialism and Survival
  • Globalization - a Threat or Opportunity?
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Molding Predictions
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Bending High-Strength Steel

| May 2007

  • When Outsourcing Goes Bad
  • Are Great Teams Less Productive?
  • MOLD MAKING FOCUS: Automation Bridges EDM and Precision Mold
  • DIE MAKING FOCUS: Designing Dies 2-D or 3-D?

| April 2007

  • Trade Policies Affect Moldmakers
  • What Can Mold Builders Do to Compete?
  • Finishing Small Parts
  • Is Your Group Really a Team?

| March 2007

  • Is North American molding shrinking?
  • Cutting to the Model
  • The adult learner: Training your labor force
  • Superjumbo Airbus jet arrives in U.S.

| February 2007

  • Take A Bite Out Of Waste
  • Don't Build the "Same Old Same Mold"
  • Early Supplier Involvement
  • Avoid Legal Nightmares

| January 2007

  • Outlook 2007 - The impact of globalization: It's not what you think
  • NC Software Trends
  • Titanium - the Wonder Material
  • Visit the world-renowned 2007 International Auto Show Virtually!

| December 2006

  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • Medical Devices: Explosive Growth
  • 3D Modeling Reduces Cost, Time
  • 5-Axis is Key for High-Precision

| November 2006

  • Business Competitiveness Index
  • Lean in Action: Toyota
  • Committed to Lean Manufacturing
  • Fun Turkey Facts & Quiz

| October 2006

  • Confused About the Economy
  • Guerrilla Lean Tactics
  • HSM Cutting Tools for Aluminum
  • Hybrids Spell Opportunity