What’s the buzz in Hall 8.0? Abe Reichental, President & CEO of 3D Systems, answers:

“The buzz this year is Rapid Manufacturing! It seems that for the first time in the history of Additive Fabrication and this EuroMold season, the emphasis is shifting squarely to Rapid Manufacturing, direct and indirect ... and we certainly have the goods. EuroMold attendees are experiencing a full range of manufacturing solutions, including our higher definition, higher speed sPro manufacturing center making real PP parts; our new, RealWax investment casting production system is a hit with many who have been waiting for this solution to become available; and our new V-Flash HA (hearing aid) manufacturing system is attracting the attention of producers looking for a compact production unit for their satellite locations. All told this year, what is on everyone’s mind is – How can I mass customize and produce it here and now? Not – How can I prototype it? From a EuroMold perspective, it appears that at long last our industry is coming of age as our Additive Fabrication solutions are crossing the chasm to mainstream manufacturing.”