The first 3D Systems’ iPro™ Stereolithography Center was just installed in Benelux at Kemo B.V., a global engineering company that produces high-quality prototypes and functional models.

Kemo purchased a new iPro 8000 SLA® Center to complement its CNC machining services when complex components are needed.

Marc Kemkens, Kemo’s GM, says:

"Until now, we relied on CNC machining and vacuum-casting for our
model-making. We are very impressed with the accuracy of 3D Systems’ iPro
Systems and the advanced properties of the company’s Accura®
and believe that Stereolithography models will
better satisfy our customers’ needs for complex, direct manufacturing of
consumer electronics, medical appliances and all types of engineering
prototypes. It is exciting to be the first company in Benelux to offer iPro

Kemo is running Accura 60 Plastic for transparent models and tough Accura Xtreme Plastic for ABS-like components in its new iPro 8000.

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