Anyone noticed the new member in our 3D Systems’ RMC? I’m not talking about a new employee. I’m talking about that new system in the middle of the SLA® technology area: The CBG Recycler.

We’ve been working with CBG Technologies, a principal manufacturer of solvent recyclers, to introduce both major cost savings and more efficient operations for users of 3D Systems SLA® equipment.

CBG Technologies’ specialized, fractional-distillation recyclers are easy-to-use while saving a large number of dollars in a short period of time. With these recyclers, solvent purchases are reduced by 90-95%, and waste disposal costs are reduced more than 80%! These clean solvents also provide better cleaning and lower error rates for SLA® parts.

These recyclers have been designed to meet the specific needs of the SLA® user. Even users of relatively small amounts of solvents, like those using the Viper™ SLA® system, can realize relatively fast paybacks with CBG recyclers without having any negative effects on operations.

Saving money, reducing wastes and obtaining cleaner parts, now that’s a powerful combination! I’m glad we have this new member on our Team.

See our CBG Recycler in our RMC and find more info on the recycler by emailing CBG Technologies at [email protected].