From the Pro Parts Marketplace at 3D Systems’ headquarters to the Oregon State University Formula SAE Team for the 2009 race season!

A description of the DuraForm PA Plastic parts from Jonathan Brady, OSU Formula Team Co-Captain:

“This two-part assembly makes up most of the intake system for our race engine. The large semi-spherical piece is a plenum, which acts as a reservoir of air, and the tapered tube is a runner, which funnels the air to the intake valves on the engine. Because of 3D Systems’ cooperation, these complex geometries were able to be constructed in one week, while it took 4 months of a collaborative design process with a German University to develop the model. Surface quality is excellent and almost allows for a direct bolt-in application. After some preparation, the intake system will be mounted to the dyno for testing. Were it not for 3D Systems’ prowess, this part would not have been possible.”

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