I bet you want to see the superheroine who gets to wear this cape. You will have to wait! It’s top secret until the female superhero is formally introduced to the world this spring or summer.

TNSE Collectibles chose 3D Systems’ Stereolithography technology and the Pro Parts Marketplace to build this 14 by 10 by 8 inch cape.

Designer Adam Ross’ reasoning:

  • I needed ultra high-definition.
  • I needed a larger, one-piece part.
  • I needed to save time with digital processes (CAD & SLA).
  • I needed an accurate part for master tooling to send to China for mass production.

“If it weren’t for the Rapid Prototyping, I could not get my CAD to life,” he said. “3D Systems is the best choice because they make the highest resolution printers on the market. I know I will get ultra-fine, clean parts.”

3D Systems is excited to assist in fighting crime and evil. The Rapid Prototyping material used to build the cape is Accura® 25 Plastic – which closely mimics polypropylene.