Rock Hill area students are getting the chance to apply their classroom knowledge and skills to resolve real-life problems and develop an authentic product from start to finish.

Students from the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) will work on a “Build-A-Car” project. The project is a collaborative effort between teachers from different automotive specializations and senior-level high school students.

Enthusiastic about the potential of this project for the students, 3D Systems decided to partner with the school district and community. 3D Systems’ rapid manufacturing manager, Chris Lewis, will assist with the project from start to finish.

Chris Lewis looks over the car frame fabricated by the ATC students.

Over the next few weeks, the class will work together on various teams, such as Design, Fabrication, Engine, Steering & Suspension, Electrical Systems, and Paint & Finish to design a vehicle using 3-D AutoCAD software, fabricate a car frame, and assemble various parts.

We look forward to reporting on this project as it progresses!