Check out this YouTube video and see how the designers at Sony Ericsson use 3D SystemsViper™ system and 3D printing as a daily design tool.

In the video, Jon Hirschtick, founder of SolidWorks, visits Sony Ericsson to see how designers use rapid prototyping in their creative design center in Sweden where they create models right in the office. The Sony Ericsson designers say they print around 4,000 3D models a year as part of their product design effort. – That’s a lot of prototypes!

“It’s been really remarkable to me in my visit to Sony Ericsson to see how much you use rapid prototyping as a daily activity,” Jon says in the video. “I think that’s a great story here. It shows how much, how intensively, you’re making use of not only 3D CAD, but, of course, 3D printing and rapid prototyping to accelerate the design time.”

See Jon’s visit to Sony/Ericsson in this video posted by SolidWorks on YouTube!