You haven’t seen something like this before! Watch as an extra-large, single-piece, no-seam part is built directly in front of your eyes.

3D Systems now offers the largest commercially available SLA® build platform for everyone’s use. Our Rapid Manufacturing Center builds one-piece dashboards, motorcycle parts and other prototypes for customers around the world.

Who says, size doesn’t matter! These large parts enable the user to eliminate assembly and tooling costs, which directly result in time and cost reduction for the product development process of small and large companies.

You don’t have to own one of these revolutionary iPro™ 9000 XL SLA® Precision Centers to take advantage of its remarkable output - accurate, smooth surface finish and extra-large SLA® high-quality parts.


Go to 3D Systems’ Pro Parts Marketplace and get your quote today! We’ll have your parts to you within a few days.