Today 3D Systems held its Annual Meeting at our headquarters in Rock Hill, SC. During the meeting, visitors watched our RMC in action while the team was attending to multiple V-Flash® desktop modelers, the newest direct metal system and our comprehensive fleet of iPro™ and sPro™ direct rapid prototyping and manufacturing solutions.

Check out these pictures of the numerous parts built today on the V-Flash® Desktop Modeler along with our other fast, high-resolution, cost-saving SLS® and SLA® systems, which are working around the clock in our RMC to deliver high-quality parts to companies and individuals around the world.

The V-Flash® Modeler is not just the most affordable 3-D Modeler you can buy, it also provides reliable, low cost operation.

V-Flash® Models are attached to the build pad using small, strategically spaced break-off supports that use a minimum amount of material meaning you get more parts for the material you purchase.

Unlike other affordable 3-D Printers, the V-Flash® Modeler doesn’t slow down with multiple model builds, so you can build more parts faster.

Using our patented and proprietary Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology, V-Flash® Modelers have a material delivery system that eliminates wear parts in the modeler and incorporates them into a single-use cartridge.

3D Systems’ RMC is a showcase and display area for all of our systems.

For more information and to purchase your own V-Flash® Desktop Modeler, visit