Want to give Dad something extra special this Father’s Day? How about some personalized cufflinks!

Shapeways has partnered exclusively with MQast for the production of personalized silver Cufflinks and Ringpoems.

The new service will allow you to design your own customized cufflinks and have them made into highly-polished sterling silver, adding a whole new level of class to your business suit for any stylish occasion.

They way it works: Go to Shapeways.com to create your personal, silver cufflinks. Shapeways will 3D print the cufflinks in wax. The wax model is then replaced by Sterling Silver and this becomes your Cufflink!

And, it’s not just a coating – Your entire Cufflink will be made of silver! The sterling silver is jewelry-grade silver that is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

And don’t make mom jealous – Personalize something in silver for her while you’re at it! For a limited time, create custom, silver Ringpoems and bring style to mom’s table. The Ringpoems are a magnificent way to tell mom how wonderful she is, and are a great dinner conversational piece. For the Silver Ringpoem you can type in any text you want. The length depends on the font you choose.

The Shapeways Silver Shop is now open for business! Visit www.shapeways.com. Prices range from $84 for the silver Cufflinks to $109 for the exclusive Ringpoems.


Shapeways has partnered exclusively with MQast to produce silver designs like these. MQast, an online community, is a joint venture between 3D Systems and Scicon.


Visit www.Shapeways.com to create your custom silver cufflinks today!


Ringpoems from www.Shapeways.com are a wonderful gift for mom!