Meet the latest 3D Systems sintering system, the sPro™ 60 SLS® Center!


sPro™ SLS® Center is the latest of four generations of systems that builds parts with unprecedented toughness, durability, unmatched surface quality, feature resolution and accuracy. The system has unprecedented throughput, up to two times the throughput of past generation systems!

Watch in this video as Kevin McAlea, 3D Systems’ Vice-President and General Manager of Rapid Manufacturing Solutions, explains 2 types of parts built using the sintering process: a Child’s Car Seat and an Aircraft Air Duct.

The Child’s Car Seat is made with 3D Systems’

DuraForm® EX material – one of our most durable materials! This is an advanced prototype built in the sintering process and is used in actual crash testing. Its properties are good enough to simulate molded material and allow companies to avoid tooling for as long as possible in the design cycle.

SLS® technology is also suited for Direct Manufacturing applications! In Kevin’s second example, he discusses an Aircraft Air Duct. This duct was made directly in the SLS® process and one of its main advantages - no tooling is required! It has custom baffles to optimize the design, and by skipping the tooling process the overall part is made much more economically.

Leave it to the Pros at 3D Systems for quality sintering parts!