A recent article by "Lab Management Today" (LMT) focuses on the SLA® process and how it's revolutionizing the way many dentists today are doing business. Historically, formative modeling technology was used to make molds by pouring plaster into an impression, waxing and casting, just to name a few of the necessary steps. Additive modeling technology, like SLA®, is different in that it uses data from digital impressions to create models by layering polymer resin in the appropriate mold. This SLA® type of technology is not nearly as labor intensive and is much more accurate than the previously mentioned formative modeling technology. "LMT" showcased 3M ESPE’s new digital workflow for a better understanding of how the process works:

Another benefit in using SLA® technology is the quick turnaround time, and most importantly, the cost savings: Dental labs save on plaster, related supply costs, initial shipping costs and the labor that is involved with a traditional impression. For more information on 3D Systems' SLA® technology, please click here.