We just announced the introduction of Accura® e-Stone™, a new family of materials developed specifically to produce digital-dental models on our stereolithography systems! This material is available in two high contrast colors, peach and green.

With newly introduced dental intraoral and impression scanners, 3D Systems’ stereolithography technology is becoming the industry standard for digital-dental model production, having already been selected by 3M and Sirona for integration into proprietary intraoral scanning manufacturing systems. 3M is in full production utilizing this technology and recently produced their 10,000th case of digital-dental models on the iPro™ SLA® system.

Accura® e-Stone™ material is designed to produce dental models from data derived from these scanners without pouring traditional stone models, saving time and money for dentists and dental laboratories and reducing infection risks.

Accura® e-Stone™ material is compatible with all intraoral and impression scanning systems that produce an .stl file to produce accurate, durable models of individual teeth and arches with crisp resolution. Normal dental lab practices, including drilling, grinding and waxing, can be used with Accura® e-Stone™ material. Due to its high accuracy and repeatability, this material can also be used as a fit-check model for all-digital restorations. “Dentists and dental labs are continually looking for ways to grow their business and increase productivity,” said Lee Dockstader, VP of Business Development, 3D Systems, “and we expect Accura® e-Stone™ Material to help them improve their productivity. "

This material is now available for orders at the 3D Systems Pro Parts marketplace at www.3dsystems.com. Visit our dental web site at
http://www.toptobottomdental.com for more information on dental applications.