3D Systems shines with the most comprehensive solution display at Euromold, the largest annual additive manufacturing exhibition in Germany! The wide range of systems, parts, applications, materials, services and total solutions showcased impress many show attendees and generate real 'traffic jams' at the booth.

We announced the introduction of the much anticipated ProJet™ 5000 3-D Printer, a new large format printer that combines the proven performance and reliability of our patented and proprietary Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology with the industry’s largest available build size, expanding the uses of high-definition 3-D printing to more users and applications. Currently, this system is on on display at Euromold, but you can also learn more via our news release webpage at http://www.3dsystems.com/newsevents/newsreleases/index.asp.

Last, but certainly not least, we also just announced immediate availability of our 3Dproparts™ service in Europe! We expect our service to bring together the widest range of production and additive grade materials as well as the latest additive and traditional manufacturing systems. To further support our European customers, we launched a German language 3Dproparts™ website, and we expect to add other European languages in the near future!
For more about 3Dproparts™ in Europe, visit our news release webpage at http://www.3dsystems.com/newsevents/newsreleases/index.asp.