DSC_1100 At the inaugural World Maker Faire held at the New York Hall of Science from September 25 – 26, we showcased our 3D Printers in partnership with AutoDesk, TechShop and CadBlu.  Although the original Maker Faire, which took place in the Bay Area in 2006, only attracted a few thousand participants, it ignited the “Do-It-Yourself? revolution.  Just five years later, the first World Maker Faire to be held on the East Coast expectsDSC_1193 to host over 100,000 participants interested in creative and affordable “maker? tools and ideas.  “We are delighted to partner with AutoDesk, TechShop and CadBlu to deliver the power and promise of 3D printing to Makers and DIY’s,” says Cathy Lewis, VP of Global Marketing for 3D Systems. “Our affordable, easy-to-use 3D Printers like V-Flash®, along with innovative content creation tools and solutions, offer a clear choice for Makers and DIY’s to realize their dreams.”