During last week’s 2010 EuroMold exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, we BFBproudly showcased our latest addition, Bits From Bytes.  Hundreds of visitors stopped by to see for themselves the RapMan Kit and BFB 3000 displays.  Our team members were even selling these affordable 3D Printers to users directly from the booth!
Also during the conference, we held our inaugural RapMan Challenge.  The participating universities were tasked to assemble a Bits fromRapMan Challenge Bytes RapMan 3.1 as quickly as possible. The  Challenge, created to benefit local design and engineering programs, resulted in a new benchmark of 13 hours to fully assemble this 3D Printer Kit.  Congratulations goes out to two of the participating universities who finished within minutes of each other:  The teams from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Technische Universitaet Illmenau were awarded RapMan 3D Printer Kits with materials for their schools.
“We are very pleased to recognize these two fine teams for assembling printers that raise the bar in part quality. While not always the case, in a side by side comparison, it was virtually impossible to distinguish the RapMan parts from the parts printed by competitive printers costing over 10 times more,”  said Andy McLaren, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for Bits from Bytes.