IMG_0063This is Riley, a California 7th grader who stopped by Maker Faire this week to pick up his very own RapMan kit! Riley is part of a hands-on family of “makers” that interact with each other in some fun and highly educational ways.  According to his father, the entire family is always willing to try their hands at building something new.  To support being more engaged as a family, they have no cable TV, no game consoles and “fun” time on their PC’s is limited to 45 minutes a day.  Instead, the family reads voraciously, and the children get all the books and tools they want.   During his visit to Maker Faire, Riley also had the opportunity to spend time “behind the scenes” at our booth and even meet our CEO, Abe Reichental (below left).  Stay tuned for updates  as Riley builds his RapMan…AbeRiley1IMG_0025