MG_9246Quickparts® recently assisted Eye-Com Corporation in the design and development of Eye-Com’s innovative EC7T™ eye tracking system.  The EC7T™ is an advanced eye tracking platform that uses frame mounted micro-cameras to record eyelid and pupil activity, as well as to track head movement. The integrated, wearable system is a versatile device with all video, lighting, and electronic components encased within the uniquely designed, unobtrusive eye-frames. This technology has many research and practical applications such as fatigue detection, assistive communication for handicapped or disabled people, military training, medical use, and video games.
Knowing that the eye-frame design needed to contain a variety of EC7T-200-e1297888941338complex components, Eye-Com hardware expert Eliot Drake and his team confidently turned to Quickparts® for SLA® prototypes to assist with validating the design for production. “Instant quoting and quick turnaround allowed us to quickly make several iterations of our new device without wasting time,” said Drake. “Quickparts® has always delivered on time. The quality, functionality and finish allowed us to show these parts as more than just prototypes.”
“Quickparts® was pleased to be part of the development process with Eye-Com,” said Patrick Hunter, VP and General Manager for Quickparts®. “Helping our customers develop innovative products like this makes our business exciting and rewarding.”