The 3D Systems stand at EuroMold has been live now for a little over 2 days, and the responses to our new approach here have been really great.

This year we're not only showcasing our latest innovations in 3D printing, but we've put a special focus on the themes of Education & Consumer Products, further paving the way for democratizing the world of content-to-print.

During the whole fair we're having students actually work with our 3D software and 3D printing live on our desktop machines, this includes the new Bits From Bytes™ RapMan™ 3.2 and 3DTouch™ printers as well as the ProJet™ 1500.

Furthermore the Concept Store, built by our talented Freedom Of Creation™ designers, is showing the future of 3D printed products in a retail experience.

You can check out some pics from the show here.