The future is about innovation, and the first steps to help move down this path started this morning in North Carolina.



The Startup America Partnership, an initiative started by the Obama Administration, got their roadshow underway this week, and the first stop was in our hometown, Durham NC. The purpose of the Reducing Barriers Roundtables is to meet with entrepreneurs, and gather their thoughts on what they think the processes and regulations should be to support these initiatives. In order to jump start the tour, the Small Business Administration wanted to find a region of the country that has played a vital role in developing companies like this, and Research Triangle Park provides the perfect starting point.

Our CEO, Ping Fu, was invited to be one of the panelists for the day, and has been an integral part of not only helping get this underway, but also to encourage bringing an event like this to our area. Recently, she has been invited to the White House to announce Startup America alongside government officials and successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Case (AOL fame). After that, President Obama decided to give our company a little shout out for helping pave the way for innovation... not too shabby.


We're excited, and honored, to be mentioned and considered to be a part of helping entrepreneurs rise up and create opportunity and job growth for our country. If you want to find out more, make sure to checkout Start Up America, as well as the SBA, to get details on how your company might be able to get involved.

Check out our Youtube feed for video from this morning's event!

Special thanks to the North Carolina Biotechnology Center for hosting today's event!