This week at Quality Expo, Konica Minolta and Geomagic are demonstrating a fully automated robotic system for scanning and checking manufactured parts.

The system on display comprises a Konica Minolta scanner, a Motoman robot and Geomagic Qualify software. The robot is programmed to pick up a part and display it in set positions in front of the scanner. Each scan is received by Geomagic Qualify where it is automatically aligned and registered into a complete 3D model.

Once in Geomagic Qualify, the data is compared to reference data and automated reporting of detected differences can begin.

James Clark, National Sales Manager for Konica Minolta said,"Our new robotic solution is ideal for inline part measurement and applications where 100% inspection is necessary. The companies I spoke to today were excited about our new solution and the impact it could have on their inspection needs."

This system allows for zero human intervention and the Konica Minolta scanner used in this system can handle shiny, metallic parts seamlessly.

"This robot opens up entirely new possibilities in the world of 3D inspection for production lines," said Len Chamberlain, Director of Sales at Geomagic. "The completely automated process shows what lies ahead in terms of automation and makes this demonstration a total winner at this event."

View today's video from the trade show floor (note: Because of background noise the video is also captioned.)

As you watch the video, you can see the robot and scanner working behind James as he explains the system.