This week 3D Systems showed the first ever 3D printed filter for radiation cancer therapy at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 54th annual meeting in Charlotte North Carolina.  3D Systems collaborated with Dr. Donald Collins who created a software module that works with a Patient Treatment planning system.  This software module produces a 3D Filter that when placed on a radiation treatment system minimizes the damage to healthy tissue while maximizing the effect on the tumor.  This 3D filter can also be used with a cutting edge treatment system called Proton Therapy.  For more information please contact Lee Dockstader at [email protected]  
Also shown at the show was the new Vidar DosimetryProAdvantage (Red).  This is a film digitizer optimized for GAFCHROMIC® film and is used to qualify and verify the radiation treatment plan before the patient undergoes treatment.  For more information please contact Joe Barden at [email protected].