The engineering team at Geomagic has been hard at work the last few months responding to feedback from our customers and partners, and we are pleased to announce the availability of Service Release 1 for the Geomagic family of products. In addition to numerous bug fixes, we have added some interesting new features which will help make our users more productive.

In response to the boom in use cases for long range data (like that from Faro Focus, Surphaser, Leica et al), we implemented a new transform file format which greatly simplifies the alignment and registration of very large data sets. Our users asked for a better way to load data as a subsample of the original size, manually and globally register the scans, and then apply the transforms to the original unsampled data sets. So we responded with the new Multi-Object Transform File, or .mtfm for short. It is a single file which contains the transformation matrix for each object in the Model Manager. Simply load a small percentage of the data, align your scans, and save the file. Then when you are ready, load the original scans at full resolution and apply the transforms via the .mtfm file in less than a second your scans snap into correct alignment!


View this video for more information!

As part of our ongoing effort to provide robust CAD translation for free, we now support even more CAD formats, including CATIA V5 R21, Siemens NX8, SolidEdge ST4 and SolidWorks 2012, as well as PMI support for STEP and JT files. And did I mention that these and all other CAD formats are included at no charge in Qualify and Qualify Probe??

Other enhancements include a new high-precision option for best fit alignment, more accurate global registration, much faster processing for some point cloud operations, and a change to the methodology of QuickProbe which should make it even easier to use. We also made some minor changes to our platform to enable more scripting capabilities if you haven't already, check out Sandham's Flying Circus to stay current on happenings with our scripting engine.

We hope users will download and apply the patch to upgrade their systems to Service Release 1. Now it's back to work on Geomagic 2013!