My role here at Geomagic is to help system integrators, to help the automation help those that are interested in pushing the limits of their existing technology. My role is also to help our team push our own technology in these areas; primarily the Geomagic Python Scripting Environment, but it goes beyond our technical implementation, beyond our internal efforts. It involves growing an ecosystem of developers and partners.

I know far too well how difficult it can be to exchange data, communicate with hardware, present coherent data at the human interface, to steer operator actions, and orchestrate complex solutions ranging from stand-alone tightly coupled kiosk-style solutions to large enterprise best-of-breed product lifecycle implementations. I know far too well the shortcomings found in most industrial applications when trying to harness the intelligence hard-coded into each of them.

Geomagic v2012 took the leap from"recording macros" to a full blown Application Programming Interface and we are not looking back. Many of you (like me) have suffered with macros. Under developed, under documented, under-utilized. Some of you have tossed our applications on the shelf because they could not effectively be used in your automated workflow. Some of you have accomplished outstanding feats of strength with what was available.

One of you continue to amaze of you has embraced the new API and have continued to push the pedal to the metal. Of course I'm talking about the team of solution providers at CAIPros. (

Using white light scanning, automation hardware, and a mix of industrial software products (including Geomagic's Qualify) their customers (Aerospace, Medical, etc.) have realized increases in metrology productivity by an order of magnitude! In short, what used to take ten hours now takes one hour or less.

I encourage all that are interested in ramping up, accelerating their metrology pipeline, extracting what was promised from your technological investment, I encourage you to call us and call CAIPros, ask about the successes, ask about the real numbers from our customer's successes. Change the way you think about automation. Change the way you feel about the investment youv'e already made...perhaps rethink where you reinvest your money in the future.