We just revealed today the availability of Go!MODEL, an easy to use, but powerful, 3D reverse engineering and design tool. This was created in partnership with portable 3D measurement solutions specialist Creaform, specifically for their newly released Go!SCAN 3D portable scanner. Using the Go!MODEL and Go!SCAN 3D package, users can capture physical objects and directly model high quality renderings and designs that are ideal for 3D printing. Powered by 3D Systems’ Rapidform platform, Go!MODEL offers easy to use and affordable, professional mesh editing capabilities with automatic NURBS surfacing utility and functionality that is specifically tailored for use with Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D. Go!MODEL Capabilities Include:

- Scan editing and optimization: Go!MODEL delivers powerful tools to prep scanned objects for printing and other uses.

- Automation: Go!MODEL’s wizards complete frequently used scan processing steps with just a few clicks.

- Intelligence: Decimation reduces file size by half with almost no loss of accuracy plus curvature-based hole filling; Go!MODEL is packed with intelligent tools.

- NURBS surfacing: Go!MODEL produces highly accurate NURBS surfaces with the Go!SCAN 3D, including use surfaces in applications like CAD and CAM that cannot handle high definition meshes.

Read more on our press release here.

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