Everyone at 3D Systems is delighted to announce that today we completed an acquisition of Phenix Systems. Phenix, based in Riom, France, adds another layer to 3D Systems’ growing advanced manufacturing capabilities: direct metal selective laser sintering. With Phenix’s direct metal 3d printing technology, we now have the capability to produce chemically pure, fully dense metal and ceramic parts.
Phenix Systems’ technology uses extremely fine powder—on the order of 6–9 microns—that allows for better control of the thermal gradient during the printing process. The long and short of it is that increased control means huge dividends in the final product: better material quality, diminished mechanical stress within the part, heightened detail, and a reduction in the size of the printing supports. In short, usability and accuracy are inherent in the parts created using these technologies. Materials include stainless steel, tools steel, aluminum, titanium, precious metals and more for a variety of prototyping and end-use parts in industries like aerospace, automotive and healthcare.

We’re looking forward to sharing this amazing technology with our customers so they can change the manufacturing game, no matter the industry.